Tips for roofing materials


The great range of roofing materials on the market often causes a difficult choice.
We give you professional and individual help and talk about the advatages and disadvantages of different roofs, look, and locations, visual effect and budget.

We are proud on our fullservice.
We offer you a qualified consulation and work with most materials being achievable on the market.

Clay Tiles

Clay is a traditional resource for the production of tiles.
Clay tiles are famous for:

- having a plain surface which is resistant against dirt and moss
- durable colours
- precision in form and measure
- their long life

Tiles of many sizes are achivable in many varieties of form and colour. Clay tiles make it possible to create an individual roof:
Noble, discret or rural?
We give you advice and help you to decide which tile fits.


  Kreative Dachlösungen: Vom historischen Gebäude bis zur Haustürüberdachung


Natural Slate

Slate is one of the most durable roofing materials ever known.
Concerning roof and fassade slade means freedom in design and creativeness.

Even elaborate ornaments can be laid. Many chateaus, churches and other historic buildings have slate roofs which often are a central part of their impressive effect on the viewer.

Schiefereindeckungen historischer Gebäude*

But a lot of new architecture also was inspired by using natural slate:

Neubauten mit Schiefereindeckungen*


Concrete Tiles

The basic raw materials of concrete tiles are high quality, washed sand, limestone burned to cement, ironoxyd pigments and water.

The methods of production cause a low price.
We offer tiles in many colours and with opal and silk-opal surface sealing.

Betondachsteine, Fotos: Braas*


We of course work with all required materials like:

copper, tin and aluminium

wooden shingles

fibre-cement slates (artificial slate)

roof sheeting made of bitumen and PVC

thermal insulation made of flax, mineral wool and rigid expansion





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